Can Testosterone Levels Affect Fat Loss And Muscle Growth?

Testosterone promotes muscle growth in both the genders. Young men have ideal levels of testosterone in their system but men who have lower level of testosterone booster end up being fat and developing male breasts.

Why Is Testosterone So Important ?

Testosterone is a muscle growth hormone. Its deficiency can lead to reduction of muscle mass, due to this very reason men who have a lower level of testosterone tend to be obese. Researches have shown that if your testosterone levels are below normal range then you will find it hard to build muscle. Even males with normal range of testosterone are hardly any better than the ones whose T-levels are low.

What Does The Science Say?

When it comes to fitness, the fat loss increased in people with the rise of testosterone levels. So, naturally, raising testosterone levels may have an effect on weight loss but not muscle gain.

There is evidence which supports that testosterone replacement therapy can lead to weight loss in fat people with lower levels of testosterone. A 12 month of study in 100 obese men found that men who were given testosterone therapy lost more weight than the group who did not receive it.

Both the groups lost muscle mass and fat on a low caloric diet but testosterone caused a muscle gain during this period. However, these conclusions are only limited to the men who actually had a lower level of testosterone, and not applicable to those men who already have a normal level of testosterone.

Here Is What The Research Concluded

  • Testosterone therapy leads to weight loss and adds muscle.

  • It reduces fatigue, keeps you energized and promotes greater physical activity.

Testosterone Boosters

There are numerous ways of increasing testosterone levels in your body. These are pills, therapy, patches, capsules which help elevate your T-hormone.

You can opt for any of the above. These days natural Testosterone boosters are a rage. They increase the production of the male hormone in your body that too, without any side effects.

These supplements do not contain any chemical compounds and are usually made of roots, bark, stem or leaves of plants.

One such supplement is TestoRip X. The manufacturers suggest that it increases the T- levels through its herbal formula. It boosts your energy, prevents fatigue and gives you what it takes to get that mirror body that you dreamt of.

This supplement increases your overall stamina so that you can perform better at the gym to get a sculpted body.

Final Verdict

It is difficult for men with testosterone deficiency to get those great abs without introducing their bodies to testosterone therapies. However, men with optimum levels of testosterone can get a great body by working out hard and following a protein rich diet.

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